Access Requirements

Access Requirements

Our tree transplanting equipment is 8 1/2 feet wide and requires a minimum of 9 feet of opening to drive through

Jordan’s Tree will be backing the truck-mounted tree spade up to the tree to be moved, and also backing it up to the location that will receive the transplanted tree. This truck-mounted spade is large and needs room to maneuver. If open access is not available, is it possible to remove a section of the fence?┬áCan access be provided from neighboring properties?

Level grade is required for the best results. The equipment can function with only minor variation in grade.

Unobstructed access from the truck to the tree is required. The tree spade cannot reach over obstacles.

Our tree transplanting equipment requires 12 feet of overhead clearance

A minimum of 12′ overhead clearance is needed. This clearance should be unobstructed by trees, utility lines, or other structures.

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