Tree Transplanting

Tree Transplanting And Tree Moving Services

We Move Trees in Colorado and Wyoming

Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, we regularly work in northern Colorado and southern Wyoming.

  1. Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Windsor
  2. Longmont, Boulder
  3. Cheyenne, Laramie

We take larger projects in Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and beyond.

Our Tree Spades can Transplant Large and Small Trees

Successful tree relocation requires very specialized skill and equipment. We have been transplanting trees since 1984 and have the expertise for your project. We have developed a unique tree wrapping system to minimize branch breakage or damage during the relocation process.

We have tree spades that dig a 65″, 90″, and 100″ root ball width to accommodate different tree sizes. Tree size determines the required spade size. Tree size is measured as caliper, which is the trunk diameter 18″ above ground level.



More Information

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  5. Tree Staking

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