Tree Transplanting Services

Each tree is special in the semi-arid climate of the Rocky Mountain and western states. It has been watered and nurtured for many seasons, and it may remind you of a special history of your family or organization. Your tree might need a new home as you move, or if it finds itself in the path of construction as the community develops.

We move and transplant trees up to 14″ trunk diameter. We have the equipment and expertise to make your project a success!

Successful tree relocation requires very specialized skill and equipment to give a tree the best chance in its new home. Our many years in the business have given us the expertise we need to get the relocation done right.  We have developed a unique Tree Wrapping System.  This system minimizes the chance of branch breakage or damage in large trees as they are relocated.  See our video below and the picture gallery to the right.

We offer tree relocation to residential and commercial customers in Colorado, and Wyoming. We take larger projects in Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and beyond.

We have a selection of tree spades that handle each tree perfectly: 44″, 65″, 90″,100″ (Root Ball Diameter).

We perform ball and burlap services and tree wrapping.

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